$25 Reward

6 Oct

“Well, I suppose that since you are about to risk life and limb, or at least invest your time in the pursuit of Robert Churchill, the nefarious criminal who defrauded me some months past, I can tell you more of the particulars of the case. To be specific, I can relate to you the false pretenses with which he deceived me and made off with almost seven-hundred dollars of my and my wife’s hard-earned dollars. The man out-and-out portrayed himself as Henry Ford, the Automotive Genius. He said he would drive up to my house with a brand-spanking-new Model-T, later that evening upon the blowing of the whistle at the Ford factory.  Now, a lot of people might say they would have known in an instant that he was not the aforementioned Genius of the Automobile. Gosh-dangit! It just ain’t fair. I distinctly remember some lesson about him in school, and there being a picture and all – but gee, I didn’t know.  I guess Robert Churchill doesn’t look anything like I remember Ford looking – but he was real convincing, and it was sort of dark… Well, if you catch him, just give him a big punch in the snoot for me, and there’s twenty-five dollars ready to fill your pocket.”


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