Happy Days

8 Oct


Each day is a love letter.

Each day is a car full of clowns.

Each day is an education (with more footnotes than anyone would have thought possible).

Each day is a dandelion that a kindergartner puffs up his cheek and blows, sending all those seeds every which-a-way.

Each day is like opening a book of quotes.

Each day is one good memory rudely shoving aside the one before it – as if you are flipping a Page-a-Day Calendar.

Each day is a humbling experience.

Each day is a blizzard of yellow post-it notes.

Each day is the Lightning Round – and you just woke up from a nap.

Each day is a piece of work – and a piece of cake.

Each day is a Billy Wilder no-holds-barred comedy, in which you prove your love with hilarious barbs.

Each and every one is a happy day.

And even the rotten days make for awfully funny memories.

ORIGINAL POSTCARD MESSAGE, DATED 2 JANUARY, 1903 :  Dear Sister, When you come to see us we will go all over the county and gather white strawberries. Oh, I forgot maybe there won’t be any next year. Your sister, B.L.D.


One Response to “Happy Days”

  1. teddysteinkellner February 26, 2012 at 10:58 AM #

    “Each day is an education.”


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