Teddy Turns Twenty-one

11 Oct

He’s as cool and funny as any made-up kid on television.  But some doughy, forty-year-old guy in a too short t-shirt didn’t make him up.  He made himself up. He’s been known to run alongside a couple of jogging strangers all the way down the beach (possibly risking life and limb if the strangers realize they’re being made fun of) just to get a laugh. He’s as charming as the first day of spring in Paris. He can leap anything with a single bound (and always does, which upon occasion leaves him bruised at the bottom of a creek). He knows where everyone’s buttons are and just how to push them.  So don’t push him.  He says things to his parents that would get a lot of people smacked – but they just laugh, shake their heads, and quote the story to all their friends.  You can riff with him about dumb things – like what if you accidentally ran over somebody and then miraculously,  it turned out to be Osama bin Ladin.  He is ever-willing to talk sports with you.  But never disagree with him: He always has the facts to back it up. He is flat-out hilarious. He has a crackerjack mind,and exquisite timing.  He’s the comedy equivalent to Laker’s Showtime. His best friend is a cat. Much like Rick in Casablanca, everyone is little bit in love with him.  And he was born twenty-one years ago, today.  Happy birthday, Champ!


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