Tuesday Morning

12 Oct

What is it with me and work?  I like work.  I like being in the middle of it. I  The closer I get to the end of it, the happier I become.  I like looking back on what I’ve finished.  If I could run toward a completed project in a meadow in slow motion, I surely would.

But I hate starting.  For all my fabled imagination I can’t  envision the middle and end.  All I can see is a long, barren, hopeless stretch filled with disappointment and broken dreams.  Sure, that’s an exaggeration but the heart is illogical and it comes into play more often than you would think.  To get past this opening salvo of doom and gloom, I choose to do very short pieces when I go solo. For a longer piece , I love to work with my partner, Cheri.  She is my Magic Feather.  I always trust that she knows where we’re going. When things are bubbling along, she thinks I am her Magic Feather, also. In this way we are like two halves of an arch that lean towards the center and make a mighty structure: Team Steinkellner.

I know that this reluctance to start working has a lot to do with my early life.  I didn’t have the strongest emotional support as a kid.  Plus I had to work a lot.  So, if an opportunity to play came up I was a bat-out- of-hell.  Ever since then, it’s been a puzzlement.

But one thing is for sure –I’ve come to the end of this story.  Cool.  I tricked myself into it, again.


One Response to “Tuesday Morning”

  1. Dan Frischman October 12, 2010 at 11:03 PM #

    Love this! We all need our Magic Feather. I’m enjoying perusing your past pieces.

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