Is There Enough Crime Scene Tape to Cordon Off the Entire Universe?

14 Oct

The telescope pointed at the very heart of the universe.

Out there were planets so huge they dwarfed the earth’s sun, so hot they made hell feel like Santa Barbara.  Somewhere in that vast mostly-nothingness, stellar behemoths were going supernova and then dying in a crush of gravity in reverse, while still others were being born somewhere near the frontier of eternity.

 Comets flashed across galaxies whispering about the origins of life. And all of this captured by one of mankind’s most exquisite  inventions, the telescope: The closest we may ever get to gazing at the Face of God.  So much of the light it captured came from stars long since faded into oblivion.  As if all of cosmic history had been sold into syndication.

But Detective Emmet Brady of the Chicago P.D. took no note of this.  All he was interested in was the spatter of blood on the Tellurian Clock, and a dead astronomer with a hole in his skull like a tiny sunspot.

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