Nearly a Hero

15 Oct

He almost put out a small fire that turned into a raging inferno – but only succeeded in saving a slightly scorched parakeet whose owner didn’t care that much any way.

He almost prevented a man who, blinded by emotion (as a result of  his girlfriend running away with the butcher’s assistant), plunged into traffic, resulting in an eight car pile-up – but he slipped on a small patch of icy sidewalk, so instead of heroic headlines, a key to the city, and a call from the President, he spent the day nursing a badly-sprained ankle.

He nearly prevented the worst depression this country’s ever seen, but he just couldn’t see spending more than 50 bucks at Christmas.

He could have stopped the event that triggered World War I – but he had never been to Europe, and was too young (by a decade) to do anything about it.

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