The World Museum Dancers

19 Oct

“All right, ladies we only have two-and-a-half hours to make this wonderful, so let’s focus so hard we almost black-out.  

Now where were we?  …Ah, yes.  We’re all captured slaves on a faraway island. We have been torn from the arms of our own fair warriors, and carried off by the enemy, AKA uncivilized beasts, who are fiercer than our own wild husbands, boy friends, whatever…

What?… Well, just give your damaged breastplate to Mrs. Federle and she’ll sew the appropriate sequins and feathers back on. I’m the choreographer not the seamstress.  Nor am I, for that matter, a possible love interest, a father-confessor, or your ride home…

And return to focus: We are sexy sirens of the sea. We are orphans of a war between brutally visceral men who know nothing of love beside the depraved mating habits of untamed brutes. Very Via Dolorosa, if you catch my drift? …

You don’t?  Well, no matter.  The King of the hated enemy warriors slowly approaches us, a menacing leer upon his face. Now let’s get that passion in our eyes, that jungle-rhythm in our feet, and let’s dance -2-3-4.”


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