The Gig

26 Oct

“Sure, I took a lot of grief from my entourage when I signed on to essay the role of Scott Heliogabalus, Space Marshall of Dimension 7 to the 23rd power.  But I consider it an excellent opportunity to stretch.  The kids love it  and I get recognized constantly.  I’ll be at the mall and somebody will shove  me, or throw a piece of garbage at my head and yell “Die the Frigian death of the eternally damned.”  And with quick thinking repartee, I’ll counter  with “So, you and what positron cannon is going to stop me?”  Or maybe with a low growl I’ll mutter “Freeze in the name of the Universe!”

The first time somebody accosted me on the street I instinctively cursed.  Luckily, the fan was a forty-two year old telemarketer who had some perspective. All is cost me was an iPhone picture.  The hardest part of the gig is coming up with authentic emotional responses to creatures that have never existed. That, coupled with the fact that when I have to grapple with a cosmic villain I always end up smelling like a dental technician’s glove.

Of course, I just do this for the campy aspect.  My real work is Mad Men. Any time there’s a scene where it looks like the agency is going to shut down, I play one of the bewildered  silent  executives who aimlessly mill around the office.”


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