The Obsession

27 Oct

On the outside Clinkenbeard appeared quite normal.  His life seemed pleasant and uneventful. But inside it was a different story.  Inside he was a tinderbox of obsession primed to explode into an emotional conflagration.  Self immolation was just a tiny spark away.  The energy it took to stifle this impending disaster of obsession made him weary from dawn to dusk. Then fate struck with the soft whisper of a match being struck.  One day he was idly flipping through a stack of postcards at a garage sale.  He came upon one of a girl holding an object.  He couldn’t figure out what that object was.  There was no message on the other side of the card.  The only clue was that it was printed in Germany.  There was also a few numbers stacked atop one an other.  GG CE and 1946/1.  He purchased the fatal card for $1.00. (This was written in pencil on the back.)  Clinkenbeard didn’t realize that he had bought the destruction of his life for a buck. That day he began searching high and low for the answer to what the girl was holding.  He held it in dim light and direct sunlight.  He held it at different angles.  He used a light box and a magnifying glass.  He scanned it and blew it up to poster size.  He googled and wikipediaed it until his eyes almost fell out.  Private detectives and electron microscopes all joined the pursuit. In his quest he spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours to find the answer. He drained his life savings, embezzled from his company and stole money from the offering envelopes at church.  He lost his home, friends and family.  A broken man he was led away sobbing never to be seen again. Somehow, the card was lost.  But then I found it.  This is that card.  Whatever you do for god’s sakes don’t look at whatever the little girl is holding!


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