The Field Trip

28 Oct


We were all excited about going on the bus to the Graven-Inglis Bakery.  We were gonna get to see how they make Sunbeam bread and get free cupcakes.  But we never got the cupcakes and here’s why.  First off Mr. Cameron, the den chief came real late.  Then just as we were about to get on the Sunbeam Bread truck Mrs. Haskin burst into tears and ran off.  Mr. Cameron ran after her behind the truck. He got real red in the face like he had been lifting weights or something.

So, we had to wait until they got back because the insurance company says that kid visitors have to have at least two adults with them at all times. After awhile Mrs. Hyslock went off behind the truck, too.  So, then we had no adults except Buhl, the bus driver.

Buhl smelled like Slim Jims. Mostly, he lit cigarettes off the one he was already smoking. He blew some pretty cheesy smoke rings and said he’d give a buck to anyone who could take a big drag and hold it in longer than he could.  Locky Hyslock tried and turned a green as a new booger.

Locky’s mom came back with Mrs. Haskin just as Locky blew out his smoke. Mrs. Haskin yelled her head off at him.

Mr. Cameron came back and tried to hold Mrs Haskin’s hand. She jerked it away and went off crying, again. Mrs Hyslock glared at him something awful. Davie Cameron looked daggers at his Dad.

By the time everything settled down it was too late to finish the tour.  On the way home the bus was as quiet as a bag of flour that didn’t become bread.  And Locky never did get that buck.




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