The Web

29 Oct

“C’mere, I don’t bite. I just want to give you a kiss. That won’t hurt, will it?  Might even feel good. Like a glass of ice water on a hot, hot day. Or a long shower with lots of fine-smelling soap, after working all day at a job you hate. The water washes all your troubles away.  At least for a little bit.

Your whole life is made up of bits like that. Time is just those little moments that a kiss could take place in. I don’t know how many kisses I got, but my lips feel like there’s more than enough.

And each new kiss better than the one before. Before you know it, your heart is going to beat all crazy-like. Your head will be spinning like you just took a big ol’ gulp of brandy. Then your eyes will glow and you’ll see them reflected in my eyes.

Why are you getting all fluttery? You’re a man – but you’re standing there all weak and uncertain. Like a dandelion waiting for a strong wind to blow it into a hundred million little parachutes that scatter every-which-way. Are you a dandelion? Am I that big ol’ wind? Let’s find out.

C’mere and pucker up.”


One Response to “The Web”

  1. Kit November 1, 2010 at 10:23 AM #

    She’s popping up all over the internet!

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