Don’ts for Husbands

3 Nov

Don’t tell your wife exactly what time  you will be home.

Don’t enter a fabric store with her or agree to go shopping for a duvet cover.

Don’t use any word other than “great” to describe her new hair style.  Don’t even think “meh”.

Don’t make guesses as to the subject of a long forgotten argument.

Don’t buy her culottes no matter how “thrilled ” the cute girl at the boutique insists she’ll be with them.

Don’t expect any twenty minute period to be anything at all like the one that immediately proceeded it.

Don’t turn on a game  believing that  you will see the end of it. The more important the game, the more futile your hope will be.

Don’t forget that if it’s not your fault than whose is it?

Don’t agree to move the couch until you have  exhausted every possible reason for leaving furniture in the room exactly where it already is.

Don’t overlook the power of an early “I’m sorry, you’re right”. It’s the Get Out of Jail Free card of life.

Don’t ever start an argument after midnight.


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