Catch Phrases from Oblivion

5 Nov

Blame it on the Whigs.


Go tell the Mother of Jesus.

Buy me a toupee, already.

One moon is plenty, merci beaucoup.

Sweet Lou Mandelbaum!

Spitting distance from hell.

That’s a tuna, my friend.

Gotta gee, gotta guy, gotta go.

Prosperous, Bosporus.

Put a ship in a bottle, why don’tcha?

I’m going – but so’s my onion dip.

Oh, the bus to Sas-ka-ka-ketchewan.


Pi-squared and your uncle’s last wishes.

This? This? You mean this?

A pair 0′ Dockers and some ‘tude.

Golly-Jolly Hooligan.

Give the baby a ciggie.


Chew it. Chew it.  Swallow.


Bad day for a field trip, Ollie.


4 Responses to “Catch Phrases from Oblivion”

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  2. Adeline February 8, 2012 at 10:23 PM #

    Favorite: give the baby a ciggie!

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