Bosses Delight: Focus Group Results

10 Nov

The following is a research excerpt for Bosses Delight, a new series for SPIKE TV.


The target audience overwhelmingly (72%) embraces the general theme of Bosses Delight – which is Mr. Hardwick trying to get Vicki (or one of her triplet sisters) into the sack each episode.

78% found the dialog ” racy but realistic”.  82% found the plot “over the top but somehow intriguing”. Only 3% found the whole program “so obnoxious they wanted to burn down the studio and bury all concerned in shallow graves”.


MR. HARDWICK  (aka– The Delighted Boss) was approved by men of all ages, but off-the-charts with men 70+. (a demographic negative; but maybe a positive if AARP advertising switches from direct mail to TV).

Women across-the-boards surprisingly found Hardwick’s antics “Sort-of acceptable, due to the tragic accidental death of his young wife”.  They also suggest adding a sexypants stud nephew to the mix.  (the lead in Broadway’s Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson?
“Most def!”).

VICKI  84% of men in the 18-49 age bracket thought she was “Fun cool and wish she lived next door, hubba-hubba” (Note: only men 70+ added the “hubba hubba”).

92% of women  thought she was “way too accepting of men’s lies”. (Though 67% said they had known someone just like her.)  96% of women thought her “latex blow-up doll proportions impossible to justify on any level”.

Vicki scored highest with Boys, twelve and under.

To launch show we suggest that it follow Disorderly Conduct. Optimally a “World’s Scariest Police Chases” episode.


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