The Marvelous Adventures of Arthropoid Man

16 Nov


1) The audience needs to see more warm human moments between ARTHROPOID MAN and his on-again/off-again girlfriend, MASAMI. (Rinko Sawaguchi) (BTW, if Rinko’s popularity continues to accelerate, we think you should consider changing character’s name to RINKO to avoid confusion. It could be as the result of telekinetic shapeshifting, or a cosmic cloud, or whatever). We are unclear if they are friends, enemies or frenemies.  Hardcore fans will remain uninvested in the couple until this is amped up.  A rescue from certain death could certainly push the relationship into more of a realm of intimacy. Just saying…

2)  We like the action-packed, good-over-evil/saving-the-universe sequences; but we would LOVE to see more underlying emotional/character relevance.  ARTHOPOID MAN can even fail, and be unable to save a galaxy or two from destruction, if it reveals some deep inner personality flaw that left the audience feeling better about themselves and their lives (especially women 18-49).

3) The quippy byplay between ARTHROPOID MAN and the SERVOPLUS-4000-XJE is a slam-dunk. We do hunger for it to be more than a hero/informational side-kick kind of thing. We get the giggles every time SERVOPLUS calls him ARTIE. More interpersonal stuff would really fly here.  How about another flashback to when they met at the National Robot Contest for High School Students?

4) Side characters must  discuss the love life of ARTHROPOID MAN and RINKO (sorry, MASAMI). No exceptions.

5) For Sweeps how about guesting Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino as the evil Kamacuras?


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