All You Need to Know

18 Nov

There is nothing as valuable as laughing until the tears run down your face or crying until you are at peace. This is how your soul renews itself.

Every time it rains the sky is reminding us that it is there.  And that it will always be there.

Children run so fast because their real father is the Wind.

Peace is warmer than sunshine but much harder to find.

Babies cry when they are born because they have just passed through a stormy miracle.

People in love reside in their own country with laws and customs quite different from ours. They have thousands of anthems instead of just one.

If you are really working there is no need to play.  Follow a baby.

The only thing that would make music better is if you could eat it.

The sun coming out of the clouds is more profound than a great victory.

Minutes move like snails. Years pass like comets.  A lifetime is a cup of coffee.


One Response to “All You Need to Know”

  1. Jamie November 18, 2010 at 5:03 PM #

    Beautiful again! If only I could write like this.

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