The Romance of Football

24 Nov

Augie got his nose busted the very first play of the season. There was blood every which way.  Like a drunk with a bottle of ketchup. For a couple of awful moments they thought he was killed.  But after a couple passes of the smellin’ salts he was good to go.

Solly wrecked his ankle demonstrating how to block while protecting your ankle from injury.

Walt was blinded for half of the afternoon when he caught a rocket of a pass with his face. His vision got better after he showered but not before he ran –blam– into Augie’s open locker door. His collarbone got messed up worse’n if he got hit with a sledge hammer.

Shady crashed head first into the tackling sled. When he come to, he thought it was the first week of school instead of the day before Thanksgiving.  Now, he’s got almost all his memory, up to the Homecoming Dance, back.

Eefus got 63 stitches that makes him look all Frankensteinish but if it don’t get infected he’ll start Friday night.

Paddy still limps… when he can walk.

Loz is out for the season but he might be back next year if his mom lets him which is in doubt since he had been telling her he was at glee club rehearsal up till now.

Meemaw, when he found out that he was the only one that nothin’ happened to, laughed so hard that he fell down and broke himself two ribs.

And that is how the Cheetahs achieved a 100% injury rate.  This tied them with every other team in the Tri-County League.

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