The Ancient Art of Sensual Massage

26 Nov

“Ah, here she comes, our lovely virgin, Chantal… Oh, for chrissakes, Chantal, go wash your feet.”

“Kristal stole my slippers and I needed to use the little girl’s room. If you sprayed some lysol around this dump it  wouldn’t be so filthy, Buzz.”

“Now, that Chantal is here, she can begin to initiate you into the ancient art of sensual massage.”

“Yeah, except you can’t touch my neck, shoulders, or the back of my knees.  Or any spot where I start to make a pissed-off  face.”

“What the hell, Chantal?”

“I fell asleep at the beach and I practically nuked my skin.  And instead of Ancient Sensual Love Oil we have to use Solarcaine.”

“Damn it to hell! Where’s Allura?”

” She’s coming. She’s stuck on the 405.  And don’t bug her when she gets here.  She sounded kind of phlegmy.”

“Well, good, then Mr. Smith if you’ll just relax in our lovely lounge…  As soon as Allura arrives we’ll resume your feast of the senses massage with a live nude girl.”

“Eff you, Buzz.  Is that a shot?”


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