Betrayal in the House of God

29 Nov

It happened shortly after  the former Mary Harrod said “I do”. (A two-syllable answer that was a crucial clause in a lifetime contract; a contract that always seemed to demand more of the female half of the union than than the male, no matter who was bringing what or how much to this solemn “unto death” agreement. ) It was the slightest of moments.  Just a glance that passed between her new groom and a rather cheap-looking young thing in the third pew.

The young thing was sitting directly behind Stephen Roseswell-Gaines.  Stephen who, since kindergarten, the entire town had thought would be her husband one day.  But that was before William Van Hoorbeke, the handsome, mysterious, and seemingly well-to-do stranger swept Mary away in a three-week , whirl-a-wind courtship.

The look was as casual as asking the time-of-day, but so lustful in the slight moistening of the eyes of both parties involved that only a fool could have missed the meaning.

Before the new Mrs. William Van Hoorbeke  even descended  the altar steps to walk down the aisle to tears and cheers she realized that her marriage to William had been a hideous mistake.

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