A Time Before 3-D HDTV

1 Dec

One hundred and thirteen years ago did parents worry when their daughter was far from home?

Did brothers taunt their little sisters (who adored them with all of their tiny hearts) until they burst into tears?  And then did the brother mutter his apology with an “it’s all your fault” look on his face?

Did teen-agers look into every mirror as if it might be the Oracle at Delphi?

Did the sun come slipping past the night: some days as pink as a peach, other days red as a squalling baby’s face?

Would husbands look at the forms of their softly sleeping wives and consider how lucky they were?

Did the playgrounds sound as wildly joyous back then?

Did the future seem scary as hell but still brimming with crazy possibilities?

Did they cross their hearts and hope to die as double Dutch ropes swung up to the sky?

One hundred and thirteen years ago did life have almost unbearable flashes of fleeting sweetness like the last strain of a violin before it fades in the night?


One Response to “A Time Before 3-D HDTV”

  1. Jamie December 2, 2010 at 9:38 PM #

    Maybe you are getting sick of me saying this… but I absolutely love this.

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