Faith – As Mysterious as Paris Hilton’s Career

2 Dec

Bob Dooberman had so little faith that he failed to stay for the initiation process. He dropped out of the faith and was last seen in a gutter somewhere sitting in his own filth. This shocked no one.

Kurt Haas tried mightily to accept the faith but couldn’t make it jibe with his occupational belief as a high school biology teacher.  Sometimes, while looking through  his microscope or clapping some chalkboard erasers together, he would stop and think about it as one would one’s first girlfriend.

Dexter Dooberman, the biological and darn-near identical twin of Bob, ran from his faith and hid out in the brass section of a fairly successful Big Band.  But then those Moppets from Liverpool went and turned the whole musical world topsy-turvy.  And you know the name of that tune.

Lotte Spencer was so faithful that she planned proselyting puppet-shows and fundraising coffee-klatches, and even invented a dance called “Strolling through the Pearly Gates”. Then one day she lost her faith. She could not find it anywhere.  And Lotte really looked. Embarrassing? You bet. But it happens. So don’t get smug.

Dorothy Mudge-Terwilliger was born into the faith and she kept it. She used it the way  a farmer uses his old pick-up. Some day  “they were going to have to pry it from her cold, dead fingers, thank-you very much.”

Mitzi Fitz had wandered into The Walk-By-Faith Club purely by accident but decided to stay at least until they finished discussing  that “cute story about the loaves and fishes.”


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  1. Brian Pollack December 6, 2010 at 3:12 PM #

    Me gusta mucho.

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