How to Harnass the Power of 3,447 Actors.

3 Dec

“Thank-you all for staying for a few but vital notes.  I know there are… well, thousands of errands you have to run.  But I think we are all after the same thing.  The most epic ancient crowd scene of all time.  First, kudos on remembering to adhere to our No iPods/headphones/or cell phones (even those set to vibrate only) rule  … No, I’m sorry, no exceptions.

Your attention to footwear has been extraordinary.  Not a flip-flop in sight.  At the production meeting this morning the question of perceptible nail polish came up.  It may seem like long odds that the cameras would pick that up, but to be on the safe side our new policy is: Hold off all pedicures until principal photography has been completed.

Okay, those are the plusses.  Not so good is the choreography of Konig Oedipus’s big entrance.  I am getting a very “actorly” feeling from most of the crowd.  It is giving off the aura of cinema more than verite.  Let’s clean that up.  … No disrespect but there is just no time for comments.

To be more specific, people’s arm movements seem haphazard almost to the point of chaos.  It shouldn’t be all goose-steppy, of course, but really you seem to be transmitting more of an every-man/woman-for himself effect rather than a natural we-are-the crowd simpatico.

Okay, so we’ll give it another shot on Monday.  Remember, the Wrap Party has been moved to the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium.  Now, go on get out of here, you big knuckle-headed mass of humanity.”

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