The Other Production of Cats.

7 Dec

Jackson couldn’t find his left paw until Mr. Mittens scampered in with it hanging from his mouth like a dead rodent. He cried so hard when he was single-pawed that his mother was tempted to give him “such a smack”. Later, Jackson was acknowledged by his family as being the best one on stage.

Sophia spilled ice milk on her tail.  She would not be the first person in history to discover that it’s murder to get a milk product off of velvet. She forgot her first two lines, but after that she was fine.

Jayden left his costume hanging on the fence at lunch.  Luckily Mr. Terbrugghen found it when he was unplugging the storm drain and brought it inside before it started to rain.  Jayden almost blew his entrance because he was working on the thank-you note his mother insisted that he write to Mr. T.

Brooke softly combed her coat for hours and hours.  She missed five homework assignments in a row.  She was by far the best cat and everyone hated her for it.  It didn’t matter.  The first sweet lap of stardom is always the best.

Liam forgot to tell his family he was in a show. They thought he was just getting ready for Halloween a month early. He was a full twenty minutes late for the show, but since he was only one-eighth of the purring chorus no one noticed.

Neveah thought she was born to play this role. She was dead wrong, but so cute that everyone just gushed at the after-show party at Jack-in-the-Box.

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