The Nice Kid from Down the Block

16 Dec

He ran. He jumped. He played. He liked to eat but wasn’t that fond of vegetables. He loved candy and cake. (Maybe candy a little more than cake because it was easier to run around with.)

He listened to his mother most of the time.  But it was hard,when you got really got caught up in a game. But he tried.  And each time he failed he vowed to try harder the next time. He loved his mom so much that he never wanted to disappoint her but a guy’s got to do what a guy’s got to do.

He loved his father, too.  He saw him as a strong tree.  Bending but never breaking. Sometimes when his father looked at him it was strange.  As if his dad was looking to him for some kind of Big Answer.

He did his chores. (When he remembered.) He was polite to his elders and gentle and kind to his pals. He was very witty for his age without being precocious. He was friendly to a fault. But you couldn’t push him too far because if he believed in something it was easier to budge a rock. All in all he was a good boy.  And he couldn’t wait to grow up.


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