If Not Moses (“Pulled From the Water”) How About…?

22 Dec

SHLECTA– To leave the door open and the cat gets out.

POLYBUS — Being able to breathe under the waters of the Nile by using a shore line reed.

ONONONO — Noticing that a full glass is about to tip over but not being able to catch it in time.

PFEFFERNACHT — Buying a sibling something for their birthday that you really want for yourself.

KLONIMINI — The last little bit of food that the child won’t eat so the mother just shrugs and scarfs it down so it won’t go to waste.

MAMARUSH — The smelly silt of the Nile even the poorest farmer refuses to use, but makes all the neighborhood dogs go nuts when they find it dumped in the bushes.

CLUCHETTA — The moment at which all the furniture that has just been moved around the room is put back in its original spot.

ABLOMANSTY — The sugar of a donut that remains in the bag it came in.

TEETERITI — When somebody gets your name wrong over and over again.

QUOP — Picking up a box by the wrong end so everything falls on the ground with such a clatter that everyone looks up from what they’re doing and starts to point and go “tsk” as if it had never happened to them.


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