Naughty and Nice at the North Pole

24 Dec

Note: Commander Peary and Dr. Cook both claimed to have reached the North Pole.

Commander Peary greets the men at breakfast with a heart felt inspiring verse to buck them up before the day’s perilous trek.

Dr. Cook sneaks in before the guys get out of their warm sleeping bags, flings dirty slush in their faces and saunters away whistling a bawdy ditty.

Commander Peary declines to have a hand at cards. He much prefers to quietly read the Bible.

Dr. Cook has an elaborate scheme using mirrors and drugged coffee that allows him to cheat the men at pinochle. On payday all checks are immediately signed over to him.

Commander Peary, shortly before departing on the expedition, stripped to his undergarments to help the mechanics with a broken boiler.

Dr. Cook was seen the same night flirting (and rumored more) with the mechanic’s wives.

Commander Peary has degrees from Harvard, Oxford, the Sorbonne and the University of Heidelberg gracing the wall of his den.

Dr. Cook has the same degrees framed in his office.  He also has a page from the Gutenberg Bible and the Deed to Paradise up on the wall.

Commander Peary is the toughest, bravest, smartest, most heroic man most people have ever known.

Dr. Cook looks pretty darn dashing when his face is swaddled in fur.

Commander Peary is a man of the new century.

Dr. Cook is a man of the new millennium.

But Anastasia, Annabella and Clementine were waiting for someone entirely from the North Pole.


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