A Rhapsodic Reverie Followed by a Rhapsody

27 Dec

“I would like to dedicate my next number to several souls who should never be forgotten.  My Grandfather, Bublichki who died when I was a baby. He went out to get me a rattle and was trampled by an army horse.  My namesake Great Uncle Sasha who was killed trying to protect me from the saber of a Soviet soldier.  A soldier I had inadvertently referred to as a foul smelling guttersnipe.”

“And who could forget my twin, Kesha who was sent to his grave by some poisoned kolaches from the hand of his jealous wife when she suspected him of cheating with her mother?  A tragic case of mistaken identity since it was I who was dating her mother.”

“Lastly, my eternal thanks to the various members of the Stedelijk clan who disappeared after they aided me in my escape from the Iron Curtain…  Ready, boys?  One-two-three — The Hungarian Rhapsody.”


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