“They Will Soon Be Men”.

29 Dec

More often than not they will argue from ignorance.

They won’t hunt for food but they will spring from their cars, at the slightest insult, ready to rip out the throats of other drivers.

They will look forward, all year, to their vacations.  Then they will spend their time worrying about how their office is faring in their absence and complaining about how few of the comforts from home their hotel has.

They will never truly learn to dress themselves.

They will go on and on about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket but instead of doing anything to help they will watch Monday Night Football or Sunday Night Football.  And on occasion Thursday Night Football.

They will look like their moms and act like their dads.

They will spend their entire lives trying to be like the fathers on television.  They will fail.


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