Where Babies Go When the World is Too Much For Them

30 Dec

Her eyes droop like a flag at half-mast. Her little hands rub them as if sleep were a cobweb she could brush from her face.

She turns into a tiny Jekyl and Hyde swinging from mad laughter to tears. Her mood is now as grumpy as a pensioner being informed that his deductible is going up another fifty bucks.

Her eyes grow heavier. She fights it. She tries to fling the drowsiness from her body, twisting and turning every which way. Whimpering with small cries of desperation.

Up onto a shoulder she’s flung. One final moan as she is abandoned by her most favorite pal on earth. Gentle rocking. The world grows soft, warm and lazy.

She drifts away to a long ago place where she bobbed among the waves of a pink sea and her Mama’s voice was a distant murmur.


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