Why Does Water Hate Me?

3 Jan

Sometimes water drops out of the sky right through our seemingly solid roof, often taking a route through an overhead light fixture and makes spots all over our rugs.

Other times water comes leaping out of nowhere and drenches everything.  Then we have to use fans, for days on end, to dry up a walk- in closet near the bathroom or whatever. Even after all that effort we have to buy new carpeting.

Once Mr. H2O slowly stole its way into our basement offices. We didn’t know it was there because like everyone else in show biz we work everywhere except in our office.  We had to move everything, check for mold and put up new walls.  Water may seek its own level but it never asks you what’s good for you while it is doing so.

Water likes to gather near two sprinklers next to our drive way. This isn’t destructive but does it mean the puddles will be twin mosquito breeding grounds when summer comes?

Once water somehow dragged a perfectly good and not cheap cell phone into a sink full of itself.  Like the Creature from the Black Lagoon it coldly killed that phone.

I keep telling water to stay in the pipes or those little plastic bottles.  So far it’s no go. But then the pets never listen to me, either.


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