Always Read the Entire Job Description When Searching for Work on Craigslist.

4 Jan

Harvey Hogarth had taken plenty of temporary jobs.  He had packed fresh figs. He had escorted overweight dowagers to masked charity balls.  He had hawked  faux Sham Wows. But this was the first time he had ever worked in a castle.  A castle off a weird little street that connected to Laurel Canyon.  A street that was semi-obscured by fog though the rest of area was sunny.

The feline man who met him at the door said that the castle had been brought over one stone at a time from an obscure Bulgarian town that was pronounced like someone desperately trying to get a popcorn husk out of his throat. The man did one of those abrupt turns, that only people who come from a country where the soldiers still goose-stepped in parades are capable of , and vanished.

Harvey spent the day addressing envelopes in long hand.  These would accompany Christmas cards. The envelope stuffing would come later, Mr. Entropy had told him earlier. The Master of the manor liked to perform that duty himself.

By chance Harvey saw one of the cards.  Mistakenly, one of them had been inserted in an envelope, already. It looked like a fairly mundane nativity scene.  Shepards, Joseph, Mary, oxen.  But upon further examination he could see that the baby Jesus had been replaced by a young wolf with just a trace of blood on his teeth.  And on the throat of all the others two small red dots.

So, with a cross between a shudder and sigh of relief he finished the job shortly before sundown. As the massive door closed behind him he thought he heard a sound like thunder in hell.  He had.


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