The Dude Who Came to Take on Scientology

5 Jan

Hello, children it’s your new friend, Shri Ram. I am here to bring you to God.  I’ve found a path to the All who is Greater than All but One of Us All. Whew!  That’s a mouthful, huh? And not so easy to wrap your hearts and minds around, either. No worries it will come.

It’s like the Tootsie Roll in the middle of the Tootsie Roll Pop.  You keep licking and licking and before you know it, there you are. It was sweet the whole way but now it is chocolatey. Yep, the Great God of the Universe is mighty chocolatey and every other flavor under the sun as well.

And the path to Him/Her is quite varied. Billions of ways. All perfect. If you can’t wait to get to the center just bite real hard and crack, and there you are.  But remember the layer around the center is very hard. It will resist you. But when you smash through, oh the burst of sweetness and glory your life will have.

We are the same boys and girls… and big people. Big people used to be little people.  Babies, even. And before that, they were nothing.  I was nothing once.  I will be nothing, again. Hey-ho, hey-ho.

You saw Beauty and the Beast. There’s a perfect rose.  It gets older and drier. Then it’s just a brittle clump. It crumbles into red dust and blows away.  You’re not going to cry over the death of that rose, are you?   Be happy. Look there’s a new rose just starting to bud. Beautiful. We’re like that to the Magnificent Creator. Beautiful roses that come and go.

Drop by tomorrow and I’ll teach you the wonder of my bow and arrows. Or, you know, we can just chill.


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