The Amazing, Mysterious Code of Twins.

10 Jan

We will have names that have some basic connection.  They can rhyme or have alliteration or in some way bond us to one another as if our names were umbilical cords.

We will often dress exactly alike.  Especially, if we are identical except for one small mark above our left ear or underneath the nail of our great toe.

We will always be thought of as a single unit.  Our life goal is to marry identical twins or at the very least fraternal ones.

We will memorize the lyrics to the old Patty Duke Show theme song so we can beat to the punch any wise guy who tries to spring it on us.

Whether we are Rolland and Ralph, Macy and Stacy or Patty and Kathy you can feel comfortable referring to us as the twins.

In school we will give power point presentations that will educate people in how to transition from Siamese twins to conjoined twins.

Minneapolis/St. Paul will always have a warm spot in our hearts.

We will be able to speak to each other in our own secret silent language.  Or we will at least pretend to so we won’t stick out like sore thumbs in the world of twindom.



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