Boys and Shmutz: The Love Affair of the Millennium

12 Jan

Since the first boy stumbled out of a cave or dropped from a tree (or wherever we were living before somebody invented graduate school and crystal chandeliers) they have loved the muck and mire.  Mud? We love it. Filth? We’re there. Tussling in the dusty dust or the swampy area behind the lilac bush? Bring it on!

This class photo is a prime example.  At first it looks as if it is a double exposure that makes it look like every boy has been holding the dirty end of the stick since birth.  But no film defect for the girls. Every one of them is dressed pristinely. As immaculate as the Virgin Mary’s pre-birth soul.  They could go into surgery without the scrub up.

The boys, on the other hand, could dive head first into a car wash and still look like they were in a coal mine 24/7. Some appeared as if they scrubbed the floor with their shirts and pants.  Others obviously lost a wrestling match with Beelzebub, himself. (Oh, they’d give their left arms for an epic battle like that.) And the rest must have been juggling full ash trays and buckets of tar.

“Class, time for our  photo… oh, my Lord…Oh, boys…No, there’s no time.  Just make those cowlicks go down.  No, not with saliva… (Sigh) Perfect posture, everyone.”


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