Where Prayers Go After They Depart from Your Lips or Mind or Whatever.

13 Jan

What happens to your prayers once they have been prayed? Do they pile up somewhere in the universe like all those electro-magnetic waves from radio, tv  or some stealthy thing that the Chinese just came up with that we don’t know about, yet?  (And as far as those other non-prayer communications go, once they get picked up by an alien civilization and they realize we made The Biggest Loser a hit, aren’t they going to invade us, pronto?)

Are prayers instantly toted up on some Big Board? Or are they still hurtling through time and space on their way to God or some Grand Intelligence?  Do prayers get answered in chronological order?  Or is it like the Emergency Room where the most dire cases get the fastest attention?

When prayers are flung out there willy nilly  are they in danger of crashing into all the other kinds of highly emotional speech?  Is there a delay as they try to navigate the asteroid belt of curses, oaths, fear mongering, interjections, ejaculations, huzzahs and hallelujahs that must ring the earth? Is there a chemical reaction as they brush past each other?  Most important will the prayer work if you are at least somewhat dubious of its target?  Not me, of course, I’m just asking for a friend.


One Response to “Where Prayers Go After They Depart from Your Lips or Mind or Whatever.”

  1. Bro Tom February 9, 2011 at 6:26 AM #

    I’ve also thought a lot about prayers. People keep asking me to pray for their brother- John. My question is- If John were an atheist or an a$$hole… would these prayers count… and if you prayed in general terms for World Peace… do the protesters in Egypt count as Peace or Upheaval
    Also, do Catholic prayers count more than Jewish or Buddist??
    What a can of worms…or is that a cat of worns (figure
    that one out)
    Hey, I like this site…I have LOTS of comments

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