Cheap but Fun: The last great bargains in America

14 Jan

A balloon.

Those friction toys where sparks come out of the mouths of Godzilla, King Kong, or some anonymous nun.

That rubber doll that has a bulgy face when you squeeze it.

Creating sparks at night underneath a wool blanket in a hotel room (hey, minds out of the gutter!). Static electricity is the King of Cheap Thrills – except when you are using the self-serve gas pump.

A baby, unless they just woke up from a nap or need a nap.  Warning:  They are way more expensive if they share your last name.

That toy with the figure that collapses in a humorously satisfying manner when you push in the bottom of the base.

Balsa wood airplanes.

The little solar engine inside a light bulb where the little vanes spin like crazy in direct sunlight.

A Frisbee (you can make a cheaper, if less effective ,one out of a half-pint milk carton should you find yourself lunching at day-camp.)

A Slinky (but not the dog or the plastic kind).

Two clothes pins.

Pictures in a photo booth (if you have the time and a couple of unwrinkled dollar bills).

A deck of cards.

A popsicle stick and a beach.

A bag (if you’re a cat).

A box (if you’re a kid).

A postcard (if you’re me).


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