When Folks Had More Kids Than I-phone Apps

18 Jan


Ruth Ada married young but could not have children. Every year she ran a spook house that trick or treaters flocked to.

Viola Rowena ran off to be a dancer. She was never heard from again.  Not even the whisper of a rumor.

Helen Estelle put every cent she ever made into land and did quite nicely, thank you very much.

Marcella Edith scraped by each month by borrowing from Helen Estelle.

Warren Oscar got an okay job with the city.  In his spare time he struggled with the mysteries of the universe.  Don’t get him started on the illogicallity of a black hole’s existence.

Lois Elizabeth killed a man who attacked her.  But due to her poor presence on the witness stand she went to prison, quite unnecessarily.

Doris Elva fell in love with a free-loading bigamist but for the life of her she could only see his good side.

Mama was tired every day of her married life.


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