A Few Details That Were Left Off the Wanted Poster

19 Jan

A slightly mangled collarbone that was broken when he was 12. Harry smacked right into the school wall while riding his bike. It still bothered him when it rained.

A scar on his right palm that nearly blended with his lifeline. He fell on one of those thin metal hockey players in a game that was a lot of fun before the tumble. Some bleeding but no stitches required.  Good thing, too.  There was not a lot of money to squander on emergency room foolishness.

A tendency to run his hand across his forehead when socially ill at ease.

A sweet tooth.

A thirst for knowledge if the procurement process was not inordinately long.

A penchant for white socks.  (But not the over the calf variety.)

An agnostic’s view of the Almighty.

Hair that used to grow like a weed.  (Male pattern baldness was beginning to make strong inroads.)

A heart that’s been kicked around more times than an old mule.


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