Amazing Secrets of the Past Revealed through Gizmos from the Future

20 Jan

My goal is to live long enough for someone to invent a helmet with needles that sink into your amygdala to retrieve your long lost memories. (The needles will be painless but it won’t matter because your brain doesn’t feel pain unlike your poor heart which seems to get worked over more often than a drunk on New Year’s Eve.)

The memories will be the ones you can’t recall just by thinking about them.  Of course, they will be different than you might have thought.  Girls won’t be as pretty.  Your come-backs won’t have been as quick or as witty.  Some of your heroes will have feet of clay.  Your dad may not continue to glow in the misty mist.

But, who knows, some of them might even be better. Scientists claim that each time we remember it changes the memory. (So, why does my son get so bent out of shape when I tell a story for the tenth time?  It’s going to be different for crying out loud.)

Yep, I can’t wait to plunk down that magic helmet on my noggin. It will help me remember what it was really like to be a three year old speeding along in the basket of a bicycle while my dad pedals furiously through the streets of Chicago on a crisp Autumn afternoon.

Or maybe that one is fine just the way it is.


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