The Passing Children’s Parade

21 Jan

Rocking and lullabies.

Changing diapers in airplane bathrooms.

Reading The Bad Babies Counting Book with someone adorable and mighty sleepy on your lap.

The ring of a busy-box bell.

Fifty Barbies– all stitch stark naked.

Fights over who got to press the hotel elevator button.  Soon followed by the fight over who got to push the floor number button in the elevator.

“Just what I always wanted” presents from Santa. (And a personalized note of thanks for the cookies and congratulations on an anything but naughty year.)

Spending a night at the zoo.  (Performing at the zoo is near the end of the parade.)

Paper plates and crepe paper with “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy” scrawled on it.

A lot of beautifully sung Hebrew.

Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie all headed to Grandma’s farm filling the air with public domain songs.

A smiling, front tooth missing boy in a Cub Scout uniform.

But you can almost see it, again if you just sit at your laptop  and watch awhile.


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