Men or as Popeye Would Say “Mensk”

24 Jan

Most men like sports (violent ones, but we civilize it a bit by calling it “action”).

Most men like  action movies (any guesses why?).

Most men like John McCain (but we liked him better before when he hadn’t turned into the old guy next door who won’t give your ball back once it lands in his yard).

Most men like the police (unless we are pulled over by one).

Most men like Sarah Palin (at least they did in the early polling).

Most men know more about football than we do almost everything else in the universe combined (full disclosure: we know squat about the universe).

Most men like bright colors and things that move (I know what this obviously says about us – but what can I say?  I got nothing).

All men know that in any given situation with a woman, the man is right.  Even when we know they are right and we are wrong. We still feel we are right in our very bones.

Most men don’t want to fight.  Even when we get into a fight for no damn good reason.  We do, however, like to have been in fights and we will work it into any conversation.

Yet in spite of all these things, somehow we become portrait artists, concert pianists, poets, curators and Supreme Court Justices.

Ah, men.


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