The Mystical Pronouncements of Sri Krishna

26 Jan

I went to Sri Krishna, the Lord of Love and presented him with the age old question: what is love?  These are the pronouncements he presented unto me.  Use them as you wish but as always proceed with caution.

Love is when you drive from Santa Barbara to San Diego and back, the same day ,even if you wanted to stay home and play basketball.

Love is when the baby is sick and you stay up all night. The next day you are sick.

Love is moving all the furniture around until the whole room is perfect. (Even if all the couches and chairs are right back where they started in the first place.)

Love is getting a puppy even when all the reason in the universe is signaling to you that this is a big mistake.

Love is helping to make the bed even when it is one of those tasks that give you no satisfaction upon completion. (Absolutely none. Zip, zero zilch.)

Love is also a baby’s face, grumbling while you get up to take the dog out in the middle of the night then looking up to see your first comet, trick or treating in the rain, a thousand opening nights and a hundred memories taped onto the front of the refrigerator. You have to go through it all to have it all.

Then the Lord of Love laughed and went to play freeze-tag with the cows.


One Response to “The Mystical Pronouncements of Sri Krishna”

  1. Grant Harvey June 30, 2012 at 11:13 AM #

    I wonder if he wins

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