The Sort of Amazing World of Bill Steinkellner

27 Jan

Though he is neither a movie star nor a singer of hip-hop, he is easily recognized by many high school and college types.

His laugh (often characterized as a high pitched cackle) may be heard in the background of over three-hundred televisions shows.  (Full disclosure: in half of these shows he has a financial connection to the final product.  In the other half he has only an emotional connection.  Still, analysis with highly sophisticated equipment has ascertained that this mirth is 100% genuine).

He has played over five decades of basketball. A game that most men leave behind in their late twenties to take up less demanding sports like bar-hopping, bowling and driving red sports cars.

He is the only UIC (don’t worry, most people have never heard of it) graduate to have one child who is a post-grad from UCLA and another attending Stanford at the same time.

He has witnessed over 5,000 improvised scenes in either a workshop or on stage. He remembers over dozens of them. He is quite partial to scenes in which urchins or gypsies appear – especially if at least one or more members of his family are in them.

He has written thousands of stories the length of a postcard.  Some day he vows to write something longer, but he has also promised to clean out those boxes in the basement. So far the spiders do not seem to be trembling.


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