Tantalizing Tasty Treats from the Mists of Time

1 Feb

Chocolate Bees.

Licorice Rat Tails.

Sweet Georgies (shaped like our first President’s hat).

Li’l Free Masons.

Cherry Immigrants.

Choco-mint Immigrants.

Maple Moose Lashies.

Jumpin’ Jabberwockies.

Red Hot Chi-chis.

Noogie ‘Til You Die.

Honey Brains.

Frosted Kitten Whiskers.

Fizz Tsunamis.

Creamy Fish-Fishies.

Caramel Munch-ahulas.

Abe’s Beardy Melts.

Fruit Ruckus.

King Kong Royales.

So’s Your Old Man Chewing Tobacco Gum.

Cold Hard Cash Chews.

Larry Ferguson’s Left Side Bottom Drawer.

Sarsaparilla Holiday.

French Fandangos.


Crispy Molehills.

Coffee Kaisers.

Sour Intestines.

Skeevy Feet.



One Response to “Tantalizing Tasty Treats from the Mists of Time”

  1. Liza October 17, 2012 at 8:44 AM #

    Thanks for putting me in the mood for my most favorite time of the year. Now, can you do something about the darn weather?

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