Essential English to French Phrases for Steinkellners (and others)

3 Feb

Is there anything else to do in France now that we have had six meals, today?

No, I am not American.  I am Canadian or I am the genius, Gregory House.

If you were going to throw out that French food, I would be happy to eat it.

Could you take a photo of us all making sure that our heads are not cut off and we get all of the Eiffel Tower in the frame, please?

Is there a shop with clothes that fit Americans, even though we are obviously Canadians?

In France do you still call it crepe paper?

When does the train start to go 150 miles an hour… sorry kilometers, 150 kilometers an hour?  … Oh it goes 320 kilometers an hour and soon?  Thank you.

How late can we leave Paris and still be back in a London theater by eleven am?

Can you point on the map where they filmed the episodes for Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model?

I would love to work on your very funny, Jerry Lewis inspired sit-com, Le Fou Chapeau but I am not a member of the right international union.


One Response to “Essential English to French Phrases for Steinkellners (and others)”

  1. Jamie February 9, 2011 at 11:24 AM #

    Ha! Love this.
    When we were in Paris I just needed to know where the bathrooms were, could I use them, and that I was not ordering horse.

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