The Biggest Rat in History

11 Feb

“Ok, the cat’s about to walk into the bag.  Fork over the Caesers.”

“All is arranged?”

“Get the sand out of your ears, Centurion Boy.  Man you are as jumpy as those Sanhedrin paranoids. All set. Done deal. Alert the media. Round up the usual suspects.”

“We must be aware of all political implications and move with slow deliberation.”

“Okey-doke, but, as the poor stooge who’s giving the bye-bye kiss to the fall guy, it was kinda my understanding that it was all supposed to go down some time after Pesach.  But if you want to drag it into Yom Ha’atzmat it’s your silver…”

“No, it should be as planned. That timing will provide the most political cover.  But you are sure this is the right man?”

“He’s the right dude, Dude. Lotsa miracles when he hits town. Johnny the Baptist slipped him the high sign. Palm waving masses giving him the Big Hossanah wherever he shows his punim. Folks ankling their jobs and families any time he says boo. Spooky.  He’s the real deal. I keep waiting to get hit by lightning for fingering the poor schmo.”

“Very well.  Here.  Thirty pieces. Correct?”

“Come to Papa. Oh, one more thing.  Don’t look into his eyes.  It’ll give you a weird feeling like someone just walked on your grave.”

“When the deed is done slip into Potter’s Field so as not to be noticed.”

“I love that place.  I could retire there.”


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