Valentine’s Day Couple of the Year

14 Feb

I follow Pa everywhere he goes. If he needs a haircut, I’m right there waiting.  So close I could jump up and sweep all the trimmings if that were my job which it is not, thank you very much.

If Pa goes out for the paper I tag along.  If the mood were to strike me I could purchase a pack of gum or  The Saturday Evening Post. But my since my jaw gets plenty of exercise already. And there is a strong possibility that that magazine is godless so  I will continue my life without the pleasure of either.

One Valentine’s Day fifteen years ago I let Pa go off by himself to church. I was ailing at the time and so I remained in bed for the only time of my life. Pa went missing for a week.  When he was located in a gutter I learned that he had gambled away the deed to our house, married a fifteen year old in Aguascalientes and caused our oldest, Elijah to lose partial sight in his left eye.  That was the end of Pa going off by himself.

I still love him.  But if we get a birth announcement  from Aguascalientes about a year from now I might have some second thoughts.”


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