The Not So Secret Dossier on the President of Team Steinkellner

22 Feb

This document was generated for the enlightenment of  the junior membership  of Team Steinkellner.  Any other dissemination is strictly prohibited.

Your father is a Muppet.

Your father is a goof.

Your father cries awfully easily doesn’t he?

Your father is the funniest guy in room (or that “cries easily” thing comes into play).

Your father invented the postcard story (or at least we let him think that).

Does your father own any clothes besides t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts?

Your father is as adept with babies as most women are.

Your father doesn’t have many enemies (I mean, come on, have you met him?).

Your father was your kindergarten class’s Special Person of the Day when you were in kindergarten and didn’t pick you for any of the classroom jobs?

Much like King Midas, everything your father touches turns to candy.

Your father’s hair is whiter than a star.

Your father can take a bunch of goofy kids and turn them into a comedy juggernaut.

Your father is vague about his laptop and somewhat afraid of anything to do with the Tivo/DVD player.

Your father became President of Team Steinkellner by calling “heads”.

Your father loves you very much.

Your father is very sorry he embarrassed you… again.


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