The Shocking Secret of the Origin of Male Humans

28 Feb

According to the book,  girls are from Venus.  This may certainly be true.  But boys are not from Mars.  They are from the Center of the Earth.

It was so hot there they had to spend long hours in their underwear in order to stay cool enough to survive.  That is why, to this very day, when women aren’t around, boys spend most of their time in their underwear or the easy-livin’ equivalent.

Boys don’t make the bed because what’s the point? They like to take the clothes off their backs, or magazines, or whatever and toss them (out-of-sight if possible but, you know wherever). Sometimes, if tossing them is not convenient, they just drop them somewhere and let gravity do all the work.

It is not necessary to put junk and stuff out-of-sight, because boys possess the power to not see something. Even if it’s right in front of their face.  Even if it falls right at their feet and trips them up.  This can be traced back to their Center of the Earth ancestral home.  Research (by male scientists – who often trip on discarded test tubes and unplugged Bunsen burners) is going on to analyze this phenomenon. It is believed that this unseeing has given Mankind a special survival advantage.

It will do no good for another species (such as women) to mention these ungodly messes that have been created all over the house – because boys also have the amazing instinctual power of unhearing.  So great are these powers that they can last long after boyhood.  They are still very strong in male adulthood.

So, Moms when spring cleaning rolls around again, remember you aren’t being defied.  It’s just an ancient postcard from the Center of the Earth.


One Response to “The Shocking Secret of the Origin of Male Humans”

  1. Jamie March 2, 2011 at 8:56 PM #

    Oh no. I think I might be a boy.

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