The Team Steinkellner El Diccionario con Ilustracion

7 Mar

El Barril – There is an old joke that rivals “The Aristocrats” joke in its raunchiness and depravity. It ends with the punchline “It’s your day in the barrel.”  It is superior to the other joke, especially regarding its insight into the hapless plight of the human condition.  The downside of both jokes is that you can’t tell them in mixed company – or to anyone under the age of 25.

El Valiente – I have no idea who this is.  An assassin?  He’s got a red cape so maybe he helps the matador.  But it could be a blanket or jacket.  Plus he is barefooted so this is a pretty low-rent bullfight, if in fact that is what is going down here.

La Muerte – At what age do you start thinking about La Muerte whenever there’s a break in your day?  Definitely by the time you can double your age and not have any doubt that you are at least middle-aged.

La Bandera – Does Antonio Banderas’s name mean “flags”?

La Garza – This winged mooch or one of his cousins gobbled down all the Koi in our Koi-pond one day.  He relocated since we got goldfish or maybe he is waiting for them to become more Koi-sized.

El Perico – El Perico want a cracker?  That’s all I got.  The rest of my aviary experience is the horrible week-end we had to take care of the 4th grade’s half-grown chicken.  I still have nightmares.

La Luna –  Whenever I see a full moon I see Jackie Gleason’s face.  (Non Honeymooner’s fans may skip this part.)

El Borracho – This guy would be horrified that we are such tea-totallers, we didn’t even have a corkscrew in our house for the first eight years of living in this house.

La Chalupa – This would be just a fast food order to us.  But it appears to be some kind of square canoe.


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